The Grand Duchess Organ and The Kirk Church of Dunedin, Florida is a non-profit organization.  This allows for any donation to be tax deductible.  

Why would a music instrument need a "fund"?

The instrument that is The Grand Duchess Organ is a combination of several instruments purchased through the years by Organist and Curator Terry Charles.  The instrument not only contains thousands of pipes and associated wind chests and relays, but also original orchestral instruments ranging from snare drums, to cymbals, tambourines, wood blocks, xylophones and two rosewood harps.  You can check out a full specs chart on the "Specifications" page complete with photos of the internal workings of The Grand Duchess.

As well as concerts the organ is also used as the primary instrument for leading Sunday worship at an average of 72 services in any given calendar year.  This does not include special services such as weddings and funerals.

So as you can imagine, this instrument gets a pretty heavy work out.  And after all that playing, time does have a habit of wearing out some of the parts.  Currently the instrument is functioning at about 75% capacity.  Mind you that doesn't mean it can be 25% louder.  It means that 25% of the parts, different voices and sounds, pipes and electronic/digital components and some audio devices are not functioning at all or at least within required parameters.  

Please consider your role in maintaining this historic instrumental masterpiece by making a tax deductible contribution.  We have several convenient ways for you to do this.

1)  Mail a check payable to Kirk Organ Fund to:
 The Kirk Church Organ Fund
2686 Bayshore Blvd
Dunedin, Florida 34698

2) Click this link which will take you to the donations page for The Kirk of Dunedin where you can make your secure, online payment.!__donations

Please consider making The Kirk Organ Fund a part of your life legacy by denoting it as one of your contributions from your estate through your will.  For more information on how to do this, please visit email to receive free information on how to do this.